Elizabeth Scott jewelry:: rapt :: Jewelry Design - rapt by Elizathyst - Handcrafted and Custom Jewelry Using Semi Precious & Precious Stones, Pearls, Gold & Silver

P.O. Box 6153
Charlotte NC 28207

 Created using luscious combinations of gemstones, unique clasps and matalwork techniques, Rapt jewelry is scaled down art with a woman's body as the canvas.

Precious gemstones, nature’s treasures, combined with various metals, created by Charlotte based artisan, Elizabeth Scott, highlight the beauty of the world with the beauty as imagined, seen and interpreted by her. This marriage of gems and metals is the Heart and Soul of her creations.

 Elizabeth has a sophisticated yet eccentric sense of style - pairing unusual color combinations to create bold and stunning one of a kind pieces. Rapt is fresh and innovative, a rare mix of beauty and purity, striking an artful balance between the latest trends and classic styles yielding  cutting edge art that will endure over time. While timeless in its appeal, Rapt is sophisticated and revolutionary.
Inspired by color, geometry, music and movement, Rapt juxtaposes artistic talent with a love for the geometry of architecture, the organic patterns found in flowers and Native American symbols. These elements help her creations tell a meaningful story. 
A refined blend of elegance and whimsy, Rapt frames, but does not overwhelm ones’ style. Rapt is feminine and eclectic adornment with a twist of the unexpected. Many pieces open or close, have bells, moving parts or secret elements that rattle in hollow spaces. 
Rapt bears the mark of someone with a flair for both artistry and style. It is art designed for the discerning woman who pays attention to detail; who understands and recognizes art, fashion, uniqueness and quality.